blond girl scuba diving

Scuba Diving Trip to Dahab, Egypt – Solo But Never Alone

I can’t even describe how much fun I’ve had with the expressions on my friends and family’s faces when I told them I’m going on a 2-week trip to Egypt for my birthday, alone. Our birthdays have become an event that we are supposed to celebrate with family and friends, regardless of whether this is […]

Cairo sunset

2 Easy Tips For 2 Great Days in Cairo – Female, Solo & Safe

Can you guess what everyone’s reaction was when I said I’ll travel alone to Egypt for my birthday? I’ll give you a hint – a) I’m crazy; b) it’s too dangerous; c) I shouldn’t go; d) All of the above. Based on my experience there, I have just 2 tips for a great stay, especially for […]

Love You To The Moon And Back Gili Air

Sometimes there are places that we visit with the idea to stay a few days and move on, but we end up staying there weeks. Gili Air is one of those places. I fell so much in love with the tiny Indonesian island, that this might turn out to be one very biased post, but […]

St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral Sofia

A Weekend in Sofia Like a Local

Bulgaria. A land of mystery, surprise and confusion for so many tourists. Unlike most believes, it’s not a savage Balkan country nobody goes to, people do have cable TV and WiFi, not everyone has dark skin, and danger is not hiding behind every corner. The capital city of Sofia offers a pretty chilled vibe, loads […]

Cute sign "life is a journey" and drawn vespa

Expect The Unexpected – Real Stories From Solo Girls On The Road

A lot of pretty incredible things can happen to you while traveling solo. Some amazing, some not so much, some life changing, some maybe dreadful. A lot of people talk mainly about their amazing stories and how incredible their trip was, skipping the occasional disappointments and rough times. Well, guess what? The tasty mixture of […]

Natural products for facial treatment. Brown sugar and lemon scrub, baking yeast and almond milk mask, coconut oil

All Natural 5 Star Facial Even When On The Road? No Problem!

Traveling is frequently connected with long flights, bus/train rides, dusty roads and all sorts of conditions that may irritate the skin on our faces. It might be the case that you don’t trust the local beauty salons, don’t have the time or don’t want to spend the money, but in any case, there is an […]

Travel kit and OrganiCup menstrual cup

Why Travelling On Your Period Shouldn’t Be A Worry Anymore

Imagine you’ve just planned a beautiful trip off to somewhere, you’re super happy and excited, but then you check your moon calendar and you get a cold shower – it will be period time! Sounds familiar? Instead of fully enjoying your holiday now you have to also worry about things like – shall I stock […]

A beautiful beach + a swing = happy girl

Travelling Solo in Indonesia – Survival Guide

Indonesia. Such a vast, gorgeous, mystical and exotic country. Thick jungles, volcanos, white sandy beaches, pristine waters filled with coral, abundance of sea life, ancient temples, orangutans, coffee pooping creatures – it’s a paradise for any kind of traveller. Being so exotic and wild though, it also has some dark sides and hides risks that […]

SOS Vaginal Infection

Knock Out Vaginal Infections While On The Road. All Natural, 100% Effective

Let’s talk about something that most people are embarrassed to talk about. Something that’s been considered shameful or even dirty, while being one of the most natural things in the world. Without sugar coating or further ado, I present to you – the Vagina and her troubles! Whether on the road or at home, the […]

Penang, Malaysia, Street Art

10 Great Things to Do In The Amazing Penang

Penang was one the places in SE Asia which came as a massive surprise to me and left me in awe times and times again. I’m talking art, architecture, culture, people, food, nature… in one word – everything! The beautiful mixture of Malay, Chinese and Indian people living together in a city that very much […]

I was grateful for my gas mask as the toxic fumes were burning my eyes

Hiking Mount Bromo and Kawah Ijen Solo, Female And Without A Tour Agency – Part II

After my epic hike to Mount Bromo, it was time to dive into the blue flames of Kawah Ijen… well, not literally. The hike gave me an incredibly valuable experience filled with joy, awe, amazement and sadness. Quite an unexpected mix of emotions. The Ijen Crater (Kawah Ijen) Normally, to make the connection between Bromo and […]

Having breakfast at the edge of Bromo Volcano, Indonesia

Hiking Mount Bromo and Kawah Ijen Solo, Female And Without A Tour Agency – Part I

If you visit Java, Indonesia, and want to hike the beautiful volcano Mount Bromo and admire the blue flames of the Ijen Crater without an expensive tour agency, you’ll most probably meet a lot of challenges. Especially if you’re female and solo. The most frequent responses I heard when I asked the locals for information […]

Cambodia Khmer Temples

Experience the Wonder of Cambodia in Less Than 3 Weeks

Being Thailand’s less travelled smaller neighbour, Cambodia is often underestimated or visited mainly because of the archeological and spiritual magnificence of the Angkor Wat Temple. I must admit though, that before visiting I didn’t know that much either, as I just jumped on my next adventure from Laos, with very little research and just a […]

Treat Your Body, Mind and Soul With a Yoga Retreat!

Or How 2 Weeks in a Yoga Ashram Changed My Life For Ever  After spending a wonderful, but crazy winter holidays in Thailand, I decided that it’s time for a little detox and balancing of the body, mind and soul, so things were calling for a yoga retreat. In the meantime, while chilling on the […]

The 2 day slow boat journey

Thailand to Laos on the Mekong River – Tips and Cost

When you travel around Northern Thailand and mention to locals or other travellers that you’re considering visiting Laos, inevitably someone is going to tell you – “take the slow boat on the Mekong river, it’s a great experience”. And while the 2 day journey to get to Luang Prabang in Laos is indeed amazing, people skip  […]

Pai is Love

Pai – The Green Paradise of Thailand

Even though Pai is still not among the top travel destinations of Thailand, it is becoming more and more popular among the young backpacker community, and very rightly so. While you might realise that it is going to be a green paradise during the 3 hour journey on the curvy mountain road from Chiang Mai to Pai, […]

Naps Happen

The Power Nap And Why It’s So Damn Good

Despite all the modern studies on its numerous health benefits, the power nap is frequently being underestimated, and considered as something relevant only for toddlers. Instead, most people prefer to believe that drowning yourself in 4oomg of caffeine a day hides no risk for the health, and that it’s perfectly OK to drug yourself with 5 coffees, 5 […]

And Relax :)

Take A Break For A Happier Life

Get up, go to work, do some groceries shopping, clean the house, plan the meal, do the dishes, call your parents, meet up with friends, plan your week, don’t forget to turn off the oven, pay the bills, think what to do next, where to go, what to wear – all these are thoughts that occupy […]

Thailand Mourning

Travelling in Thailand During The Mourning Period

After 70 years of reign, the beloved king of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away on 13 October 2016, leaving the Thai people in deep grief and an official mourning period of 1 year, with 1 month of no celebrations. If you are planning on visiting Thailand in the next 1 month, there are a few things to […]

Love spicy food

Spice Up Your Life – Spicy Food’s Health Benefits

Some of people can handle spicy and some people cry even at the sight of a chili. Maybe sometimes you just need a little bit of challenge, you feel a bit adventurous and you think – hey, I’m gonna make my food spicy! You know it burns, but somehow you love it –  mouth on fire, […]