Want a Happier Life? Add a Pinch of This…

A picture of me with friends pretending we're on the back seat of a crazy driver

Many times I’ve been asked “How come you’re so happy all the time?”, “How can you be smiling all the time?”, “What have you been smoking?”, and so on, and so forth. Usually I would reply with something funny or silly, or something profound and wise, depending on my mood. However, I recently realized that the answer to a happier life is something entirely different. Something that I’ve been called quite a few times…

“You Are Crazy!”

Crazy is liberating, just let go
Crazy Is Fun

Yes, I know. I might burst into laughter out of the blue for something I remembered that happened years ago, and I have laughed in tears together with my sister over a funny accident at funeral (Hey! Don’t judge me :)). I tend to tell people the truth to their faces, pick up homeless kittens, jump off a perfectly safe planes or just go travel alone. So let me see, joy + sense of humor + honesty + empathy + courage + spirit of adventure = crazy. Fair enough! I am crazy and I love it!

The truth is that we were all born a little bit crazy, and wild, and free, but somehow we stopped embracing it. Having fingers pointed at you all the time for not living inside a stereotype norm helps a lot I guess. Anyway, during my stay in Bangkok I met this unusual person, that reminded me the importance of being crazy, and I’d love to tell you her story. To set up the mood correctly lets play one of my favorite songs – “Wild Animals”.

The Gem of Boh Bar

Her happiness was contagious... and she's crazy
Boh Bar’s Little Gem

That’s her. Unfortunately I didn’t get her name, but for the sake of naming, let’s call her Gem.

She’s a waitress and something like a manager in a tiny restaurant at the pier of Chao Phraya river in Bangkok, just opposite the Temple of the Dawn. The first impression I got of her was that she was a bit of a grumpy, mean little thing, screaming something in Thai at one of the other waitresses, and then smacked her with a towel. I was in shock! Especially after I’ve seen nothing but smiles and politeness from the other Thai people I met.

She took the orders by pretty much telling us what to have (“You don’t want shrimp soup, you get Pad Thai”) and while we were waiting, my friend lit up a cigarette to enjoy with his beer. A moment later Gem came back with the plates, smashed his plate on the table, grabbed the ciggie off his mouth and shouted – “Now you eat! Smoke later!”. Haaaaa, you should’ve seen his expression (and mine too!). We were baffled, but at this point we didn’t dare to disagree or say anything, and we just ate our meals and watched her smoke his cigarette.

I started observing her however, and I noticed that she was having fun with all the customers in the bar by doing those bizarre little things. Like grabbing the super expensive professional camera from the table of this sweet couple sitting next to us, and taking pictures of everybody. And she was good! I couldn’t have handled this camera as well as she did, that’s for sure. (@ the cute Austrian couple – if you guys ever read this, please send me the photos. Danke!)

It's "I don't care" o'clock

All of us ended up having a great time, chatting, sharing stories and laughing a lot. Gem made sure we know where the tip box is by pointing it several times, saying “tip, tip” and giggling. We’ve already decided that she was gonna get a fat one, but it was just amusing playing with her.

We left the bar so happy and positively charged that I just had to go back and take a picture of her. She was my inspiration and I knew that she’ll have a special place in the blog.

You want a happier life? Just add a pinch of crazy to the recipe, or to taste. Or spill the whole thing as Gem did. Crazy is good people!

Care a little bit less of what people might think about you and enjoy yourself. Amen!


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