All Natural 5 Star Facial Even When On The Road? No Problem!

Natural products for facial treatment. Brown sugar and lemon scrub, baking yeast and almond milk mask, coconut oil

Traveling is frequently connected with long flights, bus/train rides, dusty roads and all sorts of conditions that may irritate the skin on our faces. It might be the case that you don’t trust the local beauty salons, don’t have the time or don’t want to spend the money, but in any case, there is an alternative.

I haven’t been to a beautician for a facial in years, just because I take care of my skin with 100% easy to find natural products. At home or on the road, it doesn’t really matter – your face can have a 5 star experience anywhere you are with those cheap, simple, home-made solutions.


1. Lemon & Brown Sugar Facial Scrub

This is a super simple and super effective exfoliant you can use anywhere! Just grab the sugar served with your coffee and a lemon from the store, and you’re ready to go.

Natural, home made Lemon & Brown Sugar facial Scrub
Lemon & Brown Sugar Scrub

Lemons are famous for their high Vitamin C levels, which is great for the skin. It helps reduce fine lines, black heads, prevent breakouts, cleans the pores and generally illuminates the skin.

The sugar granules on the other hand, provide a gentle facial exfoliation, just like any sugar-based scrub.

You can mix the juice from 1/2 lemon and some sugar in a cup and apply it with circular motions on your face, while massaging for a few minutes. Sometimes I just squeeze the lemon on a cotton pad, sprinkle with sugar on top and rub my face with the pad. Once done, just wash your face with water and that’s it.

Simple as that! Your skin will be visibly cleaner, softer and illuminated.


2. Baking Yeast & Coconut Milk Facial Mask

You can use this cleansing mask alone or as a Step 2 of your facial beauty treatment, after the scrub.

Just grab a packet of baking yeast and a small milk from the store. Usually I use coconut or almond milk, as they are healthier, rich in nutrients and moisturizers, and are less likely to have hormones, antibiotics or preservatives. You could use cow’s milk as well, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Almond Milk & Baking Yeast Facial Mask
Almond Milk & Baking Yeast Mask

All you need to do is empty 1/2 of the yeast in a cup and pour a little bit of milk on it, which will activate the yeast (more or less a table spoon is enough). The compound may seem sticky and odd, but you just need to stir it energetically until you get a smooth paste. Let is stay for 2 min and it turn into foam.

Put the foam evenly on your face, trying not to get too close to the eyes, and let it dry. While drying you might even see how some of the black heads pop out of the skin, and you’ll feel how your skin get really tight. To get things even further, you might even get 2 cucumber slices for your eyes and just relax for 10 minutes. When you’re ready and the mask is fully dry, just wash with water and you’re done!

You can then enjoy the rest of your healthy and tasty milk, and keep the rest of the yeast for next time.

This facial mask is great for cleaning the pores and black heads, helps reduce fine lines and prevents wrinkles.


3. Coconut Oil

People might be getting a bit fed up with my obsession with coconut oil, but I can’t help it – it’s simply AMAZING!

Facial Coconut Oil
My Precious Coconut Oil

To take care of your skin, just use it every day. It’s a natural sun blocker and a fantastic moisturizer as well. It makes the skin on my face super soft, radiant and healthy looking. A 100ml travel bottle will last you a long time and won’t take up too much space in your bag.

I’m so in love with the coconut, that I have a separate post about all its amazing health benefits. If you’re curious, read more here: All You Need Is… A Coconut! Health Benefits And Awesome Taste. 


If you manage to do this facial routine once a week, it should be more than enough to keep your skin nice, clean and healthy.

Feel free to try it and let me know what you think in the comments below! Any other easy and natural facial recipes are also more than welcome 🙂

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