The Beauty and the Beast

Chiang Mai – The Beauty And The Beast

After spending a wonderful month in the tropical paradise of Koh Tao, we decided to continue the trip and head to the beautiful mountain region of Northern Thailand. First stop – Chiang Mai, The Rose of the North. A place so highly recommended by so many travelers and travel bloggers, that I just had to see it for myself. For my greatest […]

The Amazing Turtle Island

A Month In Koh Tao In A Seashell

After spending a few fantastic days in Bangkok, it was time for me and my friend to continue our beautiful adventure in the land of smiles. The one thing I was sure about was that my next destination had to be towards one of the many beautiful islands Thailand has to offer. So 9 hours […]

Nature's Milk

All You Need Is… A Coconut! Health Benefits And Awesome Taste

Living on a tropical island, more frequently than normal, there is the chance of a coconut falling off a palm tree and smacking you on the head. Not a great feeling I imagine, and apparently the most common reason why the tourists end up in the medical center. That was probably the first thing I learnt […]

A picture of me with friends pretending we're on the back seat of a crazy driver

Want a Happier Life? Add a Pinch of This…

Many times I’ve been asked “How come you’re so happy all the time?”, “How can you be smiling all the time?”, “What have you been smoking?”, and so on, and so forth. Usually I would reply with something funny or silly, or something profound and wise, depending on my mood. However, I recently realized that the answer […]

A night picture of the skyscrapers in Bangkok

Bangkok – The Asian City of Angels

Usually when we hear about the City of Angels we would imagine the fascinating skyscrapers of Los Angeles, the romantic fantasy drama with Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan, or maybe even that song by Thirty Seconds to Mars. Surprise, surprise! Nosing through some interesting facts about Thailand, I found out that, unless talking to foreigners who don’t know any […]

A picture of a cloudy sky with a smiley sun drawn on a piece of paper with title Save Monday

It’s Not Monday’s Fault… Or How To Make Mondays Better

The usual thought most of us have at the beginning of the week is “Oh, no! It’s Monday again!”, “I hate Mondays”, “I don’t want it to be Monday”, “I wish it was Friday” and so on, and so forth. We have those negative thoughts, we’re miserable for most of the day and we make […]