Treat Your Body, Mind and Soul With a Yoga Retreat!

Or How 2 Weeks in a Yoga Ashram Changed My Life For Ever 

After spending a wonderful, but crazy winter holidays in Thailand, I decided that it’s time for a little detox and balancing of the body, mind and soul, so things were calling for a yoga retreat. In the meantime, while chilling on the beach, I also got the unexpected, out of the blue and strong desire to learn how to give Reiki, and be able to help people through energy and holistic healing. I did a little research online, sent a few e-mails and eventually I ended up in Marina Yoga and Reiki Center in Krabi, Thailand (Trip Advisor Review).

I’m not going to go on and on about the health and wellness benefits of yoga, as this has been done gazillion times already and many of us have heard about it, tried it or are actively doing it. What surprised me though, was the massive difference between the regular yoga classes in the local gym and a proper professional retreat. Combine two yoga and meditation sessions a day with reiki energy healing, in a beautiful set up in the nature, and you really are in for a treat. The time spent in Marina Yoga and Reiki was one of the best experiences during my entire SE Asia trip, and definitely worth every penny. For the first time I experienced Yoga as a philosophy, not as a sport…

You only compete with yourself

What to Expect During a Yoga Retreat?

The Pain Comes First – Expect a full body ache for the first 2 days … especially if you haven’t been physically active for a while. Actually, expect that even if you have been active as we’re talking about 3 hours a day of proper exercise, stretching and sweating. There were aching muscles in my body that I did not suspect existed, but with restorative yoga and stretching soon everything passed and I started reaping the benefits…

Sleeping like a log – honestly, I think that these were the best two weeks of sleep in my life. As the days started early and revolved around a “breakfast–yoga-lunch prep–reiki–tea break–more yoga–dinner prep” routine, bed time also came early, rewarding me with the deepest, sweetest and most peaceful sleep in my life. Waking up with a smile the morning after definitely sets the mood for another wonderful day 🙂

I’m tired of Savasana … said no one ever 🙂

Drastic Body Change – I experienced the most incredible body change in a very short span of time. By the end of the first week my whole body was around 50% more open and flexible, and by the end of the second week I was noticeably stronger, more durable and twisting myself like a pretzel in postures that I thought were impossible for me! Inevitably my body also looked slimmer and fitter, but compared to the way I felt, this was only a pleasant side effect 🙂


OrganiCup picture of the two sizes
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Deep Meditation – I have tried meditation in the past, but without much success. Thanks to the amazing yoga teachers in the center, I managed to learn how to get into a deep state of meditation in the matter of minutes, and now, almost 6 months after the retreat, I’m still able to do it on my own. It is an absolutely incredible way to clear the mind from overthinking and negative emotions, and generally improve the mood and emotional state (check out all the happy faces in the video below – that was the mood every day).

In the center the teachers taught not only how to get into the posture correctly and meditate, but also of the philosophy behind yoga and the many interesting stories of the Hindu Gods; taught us how to chant mantras in Sanskrit (difficult but fun task) and showed us how the good intensions and positive vibrations affect the entire being… they really put us into one deeply spiritual world, filled with magic, mystery and happiness.

Power through stillness

Enlightenment and Tears – no matter whether you believe in energies, out of body experiences or energy healing, whether you are a spiritual person or a complete non-believer, after going through deep meditation, Reiki sessions and chakra balancing your life will change forever.

While in the ashram, I took a Reiki level 1 and 2 course and, as soon as the second day, my mind was blown away by how real and extraordinary it actually was. During a therapy a lot of blocked or negative energy is being released from the body, which may lead to deep relaxation, laughter or tears… especially tears. After a group chakra balancing meditation sessions people would be quietly sobbing, having experienced wonderful and hard to explain sensations, but having a deep feeling of relief.

At first, I was shy to share my experiences, thinking that the rest will take me for a lunatic (and honestly, I thought I might be going nuts), but once we all started sharing, we realized how much more is going on in the world around us that we were unaware of. Something we cannot see, touch or smell, but that it’s actually there and it actually works … pretty much like the WiFi 🙂

Amazing New Friends – no matter whether you want it or not – it is going to happen. What I was introduced to in the yoga retreat was a family of a new dimension – for 2 weeks we sweated together, laughed together, cried together, cooked together, ate together, we shared experiences, stories and knowledge. Here I’d take a moment to thank my Yogi family for being so incredible and giving me so much love, laughter and support – you guys are the best! (Ha-ha! Insider joke ;))

The Experience Lasts

Now, almost 6 months after the beautiful yoga retreat in Krabi, yoga and meditation are still part of my everyday life (or almost every day) and I am more calm, balanced, strong, energized and definitely more flexible and fit!

The most important part however is that I am actively giving Reiki to many people, who leave the therapy amazed by the sensations and emotions they’ve felt during the session, how relaxed and relieved they feel after the session, full of gratitude and wanting more. My goal to help people through energy and holistic healing is achieved and I have no intention of stopping now.

Need more proof of how Yoga, Meditation and Reiki retreat can change your life? Just give it a try and you’ll be in for a treat! If you’ve already done it and have some recommendations, please leave a comment below and spread the good word.



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